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🚀 Welcome aboard, vendors! Let's soar through the stars together at SYFI Pop Fest with these rules and parameters designed to ensure a cosmic experience for all:

  1. Cosmic Creativity: Let your imagination run wild! Create family-friendly displays that capture the essence of SYFI Pop Fest's out-of-this-world vibe.

  2. Stay PG: Keep it clean, folks! No need for explicit content here – let's keep the atmosphere as pure as a supernova.

  3. Galactic Good Vibes Only: Spread positivity like stardust! Treat everyone with respect and let's make this event an uplifting experience for all.

  4. Space Law Abiders: Time to play by the rules! Make sure your business practices are in orbit with all the laws and regulations.

  5. Booth-o-Rama: Your booth, your canvas! Just remember, keep it within the 8x8 dimensions – we're dealing with earthly constraints here!

  6. Cosmic Creativity: Bring your A-game to the booth decor game! Let's see those eye-catching setups that'll have attendees starry-eyed.

  7. Authenticity is Key: Be the real deal! No shady business – only authentic products allowed. We're all about genuine fandom here.

  8. Cleanliness is Next to Space-Godliness: Keep it tidy, folks! Let's ensure a safe and sparkly environment for all attendees to enjoy.

  9. Transactions with a Smile: Ring 'em up with a side of charm! Let's make every purchase a warp-speed transaction of joy.

  10. Party-Poopers Need Not Apply: Let's keep the energy high and the vibes positive! Any disruptors will be sent on a one-way trip to the nearest black hole – no refunds!

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