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  1. Cosmic Weapons: Embrace the fantasy with fake and toy weapons. Our team will inspect them before entry to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment.

  2. Zero Tolerance for Harassment: In our universe, kindness rules. Any form of harassment has a zero-tolerance policy. No exceptions.

  3. Respect for All: SYFI Pop Fest is an inclusive space. No means no—respect personal boundaries and create a positive experience for everyone.

  4. Cosmic Clean Air: Smoking cigarettes or vapes is strictly prohibited inside the venue. Step outside to indulge in your earthly delights.

  5. Pet-Free Zone: While we adore creatures from all galaxies, only service animals are permitted on the venue floor. Leave your non-service furry friends in the care of your earthly abode.

  6. Thank you for helping us maintain a stellar atmosphere for all attendees!"

Join us in building a stellar community where imagination knows no bounds!"

SYFI Pop Fest Guidelines & Etiquette:

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